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Golf School, Course Finder.

A prospective student recently contacted us, asking:”How on earth do you figure it costs that much for the clinic?”

Well, Kim, I’m not sure how you would like me to respond to this? Is this a question or a statement?

You mention “clinic” twice so I imagine that you believe our golf school is a clinic

It isn’t.

Like most people that visit our websites, you’ll soon realise that it is priced to suit people who can afford the instruction. Yes golfers that attend clinics pay a lot less because they get a lot less. If you want a learning environment that is set up to fail then attending a clinic might be a good strategy.

We are NOT a clinic, we’re a golf school. Your website positioning statement reads “you are not just a cladding company” and then you go on to say that XXXXX Pty Ltd is innovative, progressive and dynamic with a wealth of knowledge, and experienced individuals that make up the XXXX team.

We can definitely say the same: We’re not just a golf clinic company. We’re in the business of educating golfers – not teaching them. We take our business very seriously.

You can exercise the option to go anywhere else and you’ll always have the opportunity to pay lesser fees or more depending on what you want to gain from the experience. As we say at our golf school “the map is definitely not the territory” so we’re sorry if you feel that our website advertising doesn’t reflect our passion for helping golfers to become more competent at the game.

Anyone in a position of leadership understands the associated costs in any business when supplying a quality service to customers. Our coaches charge from ninety dollars per hour up to one hundred and forty dollars per hour.

So a person attending our golf school for five days which is a minimum of 30 hours of instruction with our senior coach (30 years experience) would work out at about three thousand dollars per week. We charge two thousand five hundred dollars for six hours of golf instruction each day plus 3 rounds of golf with instruction and lunch each day.

Our schools have a maximum student to teacher ratio of four students to one instructor and we run our programs 364 days per year. We will run a golf school with one person in it, up to four and our students come from all over the world.

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